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Videosupervision through streaming of neonates
with access for health personnel and family members 

AZS Video Supervisor Neo is a secure platform that allows continuous follow-up of the newborn by health professionals and controlled access by family members

The application AZS Video Supervisor Neo allows to view in real time the baby from mobile devices or web by the family, as well as health personnel (doctors and nurses) have access to individual or joint monitoring of the patients of the unit of neonates, with options of visualization or continuous recording or on demand of each incubator.


The solution is complemented by elements specifically designed to meet the requirements, such as: integration with the management application of the UCI, high definition IP cameras with flexible staff for attachment to cradles, camera concentrator / recorder and Android App and iOS designed to provide family members with access to the patient via streaming, according to a specific schedule previously established by the hospital.


AZS Video Supervisor Neo will place the neonatal unit of the hospital in a state of the art technology and a higher level of satisfaction among its patients, creating a bond between baby and family despite the distance.

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