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Monitoring capacity and analysing flows of people

AZS Counter Supervisor offers a dashboard with which you will be able to view real-time capacities with
entry and exit details at access doors, and activity flower using heat maps with omnidirectional cameras in
order to trace people’s movement in transit areas.

AZS Counter Supervisor is the smart video analysis-based solution that provides the metrics and activity maps needed for counting and monitoring capacity and analysing flows of people.

It allows you to monetise your infrastructure, streamline your allocation of resources, control crowds, better manage your business and meet safety regulations for public establishments and places.

AZS Counter Supervisor brochure:

Server platform for cloud-based storage of results generated by the Counter Supervisor and its associated devices, as well as remote inquiry of one or multiple associated establishments through Windows and Mac OS platforms, as well as through iOS mobile devices (iPad, iPhone) and Android.

Areas of application


Waiting room
Function rooms




Events and shows
Museums and exhibitions
Fairs and congresses
Sports establishments


Visits / Capacity (people count)

Cámara 3D

de superficie

Cámara 3D


Cámara 3D

de exteriores

Passer-by (people count)

Cámara 2D


Activity (heat maps)

Cámara cenital 360º de 5 MP

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