Retail dashboards through

intelligent video and data analysis

AZS Retail Counter Supervisor offers a simple and effective analytical control dashboard, allowing you to
view your business in real time and discover historical evolution, comparisons and graphics between
stores, evolution of key indicators, etc.

AZS Retail Counter Supervisor is the smart solution that combines the finest technologies available to help you quickly analyse how your business is going.

Dashboards to assess in real time passer-by and visitor numbers, key indicators, productivity and activity maps of locations through intelligent video and data analysis.

It will enable you to understand your customers’ behaviour, streamline your management and make the best decisions to maximise your performance.

AZS Retail Counter Supervisor brochure:

Server platform for cloud-based storage of results generated by the Retail Counter Supervisor and its associated devices, as well as remote inquiry of one or multiple associated establishments through Windows and Mac OS platforms, as well as through iOS mobile devices (iPad, iPhone) and Android.

Areas of application





Bank offices

Shopping centres

AZS Retail Counter Supervisor HORECA brochure:


Visits / Capacity (people count)

Cámara 3D

de superficie

Cámara 3D


Cámara 3D

de exteriores

Passer-by (people count)

Cámara 2D


Activity (heat maps)

Cámara cenital 360º de 5 MP

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